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Top 3 Back to School Hairstyles

Top 3 Back to School  Hairstyles

It's back to school this week! That means back into the normal working groove of things and preparing your child's hair for a full day at school. Here are a few styles to try out.

Also, we had our Harvest Masterclass Event today, if you have any feedback from attending, we'd love to hear from you! Here's a sneak peak of me giving a tip at the event 

We also have another event coming up for you this month. It will be a Back To School Masterclass - keep tuned for more information about this soon!

Sectioned twists

1. Chunky Twists - Sectioning your child's hair in twists can be a long-lasting hairstyle and doesn't have to be too tight on your child's scalp. You can use hairband accessories that don’t snag or pull when you unravel them.

2. Buns - For younger children, buns can be a great protective hairstyle as they aren't as harsh on the scalp and the hair ends are tucked away. Whether it’s two or four sectioned afro buns, this style can prove timeless from toddlers to teenagers- to even adults pulling off this style. Again, make sure the hairbands you use to achieve this style are elasticated enough to not cause too much tension on the hair.


Single Braids

3. Braids - As we leave summer behind and enter into cooler seasons, you might want to tuck your child's hair away. If you have a teenager, single braid extensions can be an effective protective hairstyle in going back to school with less time taken in the morning to prepare. Teens may want to experiment with different hair lengths and extensions can be a good way to try this out, whilst also remaining in a protective hairstyle.

Here's a back to school hair tutorial:


I hope getting back into the working routine goes well! 

Stay motivated,



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Definitely repurchasing!

Extremely good product, moisturises very well and isn't dry the next day like some products. Also a little goes a very long way and so it is fairly priced. I can see and feel it working with my natural hair texture, cleared out over 20 products and replaced with this one. It has good hold so is good for styling aswell


I am so impressed with this product it doesn't leave behind any build up of product residue in my child's hair like other products. It de-tangles very well, has a non toxic non overpowering scent and I love the fact that it's natural. I've ordered two bottles so far and disposed of the other products I was using. After educating myself about edc's in black hair products switching ti this this was a no brainer and I can actually visually see that the product works along with my child's hair which is lighter and not so greasy. The product was shipped so quickly after ordering and the customer service has been outstanding. Thank you so much for all your hard work producing this product that has been designed with black hair health in mind. I've been recommending this product to my friends

Best detangler I have found

Such an effective detangler that brings my daughters girls back to life. Lightweight and not sticky like other products I have tried

Amazing keeps my hair so hydrated and curls in place

This is the best spray leave in I've ever used. Sal kindly gifted me one to try and I've bought 2 more since. Even my sister bought one. It really works well in our hair. I have long tailbone length thick 4a 3c hair and this light weight product is amazing. Along with the quench cream. Perfect formula. I'd love to one day see Root2tip on the store shelves!


I first came across this product in a glossy box a few years back and fell in love with it, so I had to come and get the full size. It makes my hair feel soooo soft, completely moistures it and is very easy to use. The spray nozzle is great and distributes a lot of product. Definitely a staple for my hair.