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Curly creme on Naturallycurly - 10 UK moisturising curly products

Curly creme on Naturallycurly - 10 UK moisturising curly products


Hello my fellow curlies! I want to share my top 10 must-have products that you might want to add to your selection! You will see that I am a huge conditioner fan because I believe that a good conditioner makes the styling process much easier and fewer products are needed. So, be sure to try out these products that you will be happy to make new additions!

Mixed Roots Conditioner and Mixed Roots Replenishing Oil

I apply the conditioner and oil to wet hair, which is fantastic for detangling. Then, I wrap my hair in cling film to create an amazing hair treatment in 20 min!

Available at Paks Cosmetics stores in London, selected Sainsburys stores, and Big Hair Co 

Big Hair Deep Masque Conditioner

This product works as a clay mask so no leaving it in overnight. Simply apply to freshly cleansed hair and leave on 30-45 min. No need to wrap it! Your curls will be left feeling springing, polished, and detangle. 

Available at Big Hair Co.

Aveda Dry Remedy Oil

This oil is 99.9% naturally-derived and penetrates through the hair without any buildup and no greasy feeling. It smells tropical and all you need is to apply a few drops from roots to tips while in the shower. The dry remedy oil is perfect for curlies who experience dry, frizzy hair and need that shine and lift without the weight. And for the ingredient-conscious curlies, this product does not contain silicones.

Available online

Root 2 Tip Quench Anti Breakage Crème

I tend to use a spray bottle with water and conditioner, but sometimes my hair just needs a bit more of a kick! So say hello to Root2Tip’s Crème! I did a 30-day challenge applying this product to damp hair and it is truly moisturizing. I love the product and need it in a bigger size! I also recommend their honey juice leave-in for those curlies who find that the water and conditioner combo does not suffice.

Available at Root2Tip Co.

Afro Fit Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is for the days when my hair needs therapy. Coconut oil is moisturizing, adds shine, and has other great benefits. I also use coconut oil to create great protective styles such as bun, twist, and braids that I leave it for a week.

Available at Afrofit Co.

Aphogee Protein Treatment

I use this once a month. It’s a little sticky and leaves my hair hard but do not fear ladies. Your hair will return to its original curl pattern! I have used this product since 2014 when I thought my curls were heat damaged and they reverted! So if you think your hair is damaged or needs a trim, then try ApHogee to see if your hair just needs a protein treatment.

Available at Pak Cosmetics and Beauty by Zara.

As I Am Co-Wash Conditioner

I tend to not use shampoos often so this co-wash works for midweek washes when I have either styled my hair with too much product. Apply to wet hair from root to tip and ensure you distribute it evenly throughout the hair so the product buildup can be removed.

Available Pak CosmeticsBeauty by Zara, and most beauty supply stores.

Tresemme Naturals Conditioner

It comes in a big bottle and it’s silicone free! I find this product works great in my spray bottle to refresh my hair. It is also extremely great for detangling and it’s not expensive! A curl’s dream!

Available at all large supermarket and beauty stores. Superdrug always has great deals on Tresemme. 

Design Essentials Curling Mousse Activator

I tend to wear a wash and go but when styling I grab my Design Essentials, as it provides a long hold when using Curlformers. It’s also not too heavy on my hair, so it’s good to use as a wash and go style product. Design Essentials has a range of products for different hair types, but this one definitely compliments all hair types when styling with flexi rods, Curlformers, etc.

Available at Pak Cosmetics and Beauty by Zara.

Liz Earle

These organic products are so effortlessly kind. They leave my hair tamable and deeply hydrated. I like to apply these products and leave it on for 10-30 min. after shampooing.

Available online or at John Lewis in Oxford Circus London. 

Mrs. Millis

As you can see I have spoken quite a bit about conditioners, as my favourite thing is washing my hair.

I am currently using Mrs. Millis for styling. I love it because you get your money’s worth. I am three months in and still have not finished it. It leaves my hair moisturized and the scent of strawberries is so divine! All I have to do is sprinkle a little in my hair with a spritz from the spray bottle to activate second-day hair.

Available at Mrs. Millis.

Let me know what products you try and share your curly photos via Instagram and Twitter!


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Definitely repurchasing!

Extremely good product, moisturises very well and isn't dry the next day like some products. Also a little goes a very long way and so it is fairly priced. I can see and feel it working with my natural hair texture, cleared out over 20 products and replaced with this one. It has good hold so is good for styling aswell


I am so impressed with this product it doesn't leave behind any build up of product residue in my child's hair like other products. It de-tangles very well, has a non toxic non overpowering scent and I love the fact that it's natural. I've ordered two bottles so far and disposed of the other products I was using. After educating myself about edc's in black hair products switching ti this this was a no brainer and I can actually visually see that the product works along with my child's hair which is lighter and not so greasy. The product was shipped so quickly after ordering and the customer service has been outstanding. Thank you so much for all your hard work producing this product that has been designed with black hair health in mind. I've been recommending this product to my friends

Best detangler I have found

Such an effective detangler that brings my daughters girls back to life. Lightweight and not sticky like other products I have tried

Amazing keeps my hair so hydrated and curls in place

This is the best spray leave in I've ever used. Sal kindly gifted me one to try and I've bought 2 more since. Even my sister bought one. It really works well in our hair. I have long tailbone length thick 4a 3c hair and this light weight product is amazing. Along with the quench cream. Perfect formula. I'd love to one day see Root2tip on the store shelves!


I first came across this product in a glossy box a few years back and fell in love with it, so I had to come and get the full size. It makes my hair feel soooo soft, completely moistures it and is very easy to use. The spray nozzle is great and distributes a lot of product. Definitely a staple for my hair.