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Hair growth

I am struggling to grow hair and my hair is always dry, what should I use?

My hair never grows, what can I use to grow it?

Hair loss / Alopecia

Do you have products for alopecia?

How long will it take to regrown my hair?

How do I use the oils?

Are the hair growth oils only for afro hair?

I have European hair, can I use your oils?

Can I use your oils on relaxed hair?

Can I use your oils on natural hair?

Can I use the oils on my baby's hair?

Traction alopecia

My hair line is really thin, can you help?

Relaxed hair

Can I use your products on my relaxed hair?

My hair is thin and breaking from my relaxer, what can I use?

Can I use your products straight after relaxing my hair?

I have an itchy scalp after relaxing my hair and flakes, what can I use?

Transitionning hair

do you have products suitable for my hair, it's half relaxed ans half natural?

Damaged hair


Braids / Kinky twists

What can I use to moisturise my hair whilst I am wearing braids?

Wigs / Weaves

What can i use to moisturise my hair and stop my scalp itching under my weave or wig?

Dread locs & Sister locs

What do you have for locs?

My locs are really dry, what should I use?

My locs have started to thin at the crown, what should I use?

Newly natural

I have just 'big chopped', what can I use to moisturise and style my hair?

I have been natural for 2 years but my hair is thin and sheds a lot, what can I use?

Children's curly / afro hair

I have a mixes raced child with frizzy knotty hair, what can I use?

What do I use on my child's hair after swimming?

Curly baby hair care

Can I use th scalp growth oils on my baby to regrow his hair?

My baby has really dry hair, what can I use that is mild?

How often should I moisturise my baby's hair?

Are you newly natural?

The owner of the unique Curly/Afro/Dry or Damaged hair?
A parent to a child with any of the above?
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