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Hair growth

I am struggling to grow hair and my hair is always dry, what should I use?

My hair never grows, what can I use to grow it?

Hair loss / Alopecia

Do you have products for alopecia?

How long will it take to regrown my hair?

How do I use the oils?

Are the hair growth oils only for afro hair?

I have European hair, can I use your oils?

Can I use your oils on relaxed hair?

Can I use your oils on natural hair?

Can I use the oils on my baby's hair?

Traction alopecia

My hair line is really thin, can you help?

Relaxed hair

Can I use your products on my relaxed hair?

My hair is thin and breaking from my relaxer, what can I use?

Can I use your products straight after relaxing my hair?

I have an itchy scalp after relaxing my hair and flakes, what can I use?

Transitionning hair

do you have products suitable for my hair, it's half relaxed ans half natural?


Braids / Kinky twists

What can I use to moisturise my hair whilst I am wearing braids?

Wigs / Weaves

What can i use to moisturise my hair and stop my scalp itching under my weave or wig?

Dread locs & Sister locs

What do you have for locs?

My locs are really dry, what should I use?

My locs have started to thin at the crown, what should I use?

Newly natural

I have just 'big chopped', what can I use to moisturise and style my hair?

I have been natural for 2 years but my hair is thin and sheds a lot, what can I use?

Children's curly / afro hair

I have a mixes raced child with frizzy knotty hair, what can I use?

What do I use on my child's hair after swimming?

Curly baby hair care

Can I use th scalp growth oils on my baby to regrow his hair?

My baby has really dry hair, what can I use that is mild?

How often should I moisturise my baby's hair?

Are you newly natural?

The owner of the unique Curly/Afro/Dry or Damaged hair?
A parent to a child with any of the above?
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59 reviews
Honey Rain Hair Juice

Used it on my Grandaughters hair, brilliant! After years of trying to find something that works it is great.

Gentle relief

Current using this products on my braids. Gives me great relief in those hard to reach places. Light and refreshing on my scalp.

Seals the hair well

So I bought this solely for heat protection when blowdrying my girls hair. So due to them having different textures and absorption levels, I noticed that less can be more. The whip is a good texture and the Shea is prominent and you can feel it. It seals the hair very well and doesn't leave a residue or white shine. I say less is more as my daughter with thicker hair didn't need as much as her hair responded well to absorption, and I wanted to avoid that heaviness that Shea can add to the hair. My other daughter has not as thick hair and needed less and the product did not sit on her hair and was absorbed well. So far I'm happy with product.

I've found our new hair products

I absolutely love the products and the fact that they're nearly completely natural and healthy for my little girls hair. It's helping my daughter be in love with her hair even more, the packaging, names and scents are all great. Only thing I am not a fan of is the twirly butter as it feels like there are exfoliating beads (or something in there) and they are visible too which is not great. Apart from that, we love it the other products and will be buying again.

Love these products

I love these products, it’s made doing my daughters hair so much easier! Especially the detangling spray. Her curls look beautiful. I’m not as keen on the butter though (otherwise I would have given a 5 rating), it leaves white bits in her hair that looks like dandruff.