CURL CAMP: 29th September 2018

CURL CAMP: 29th September 2018

We launch our very own unique but fun festival especially for Afro and Curly kids at the end of the month. CURL CAMP is Europe’s very first mini festival celebrating children with natural hair! We want our children to feel empowered with their natural hair and more so ; learn how to take care of it with HAIRDUCATION.

Sal and her team will be on hand delivering mini hair science lessons, there is a DETANGLING DEN teaching children and parent how to detangle without Honey rain juice and no combs, our sgtylist Sammy No-combs, JoJo and Mini manes will be doing hair make-overs and getting children ready for the Catwalk.


It is the launch of our annual festival and we will be taking it around the country and into Europe! Watch this space and get your tickets at

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