10 Tips every parent should follow when caring for their child’s natural hair!

10 Tips every parent should follow when caring for their child’s natural hair!

What every parent needs to learn and teach their child about their natural hair!

If you are the parent of a bouncing baby with a head full of soft swirls that will at some point grow into a beautiful mane of tightly or loosely textured kinks, coils or curls, please read on!
Before you despair at what to do with your little one’s hair and reluctantly decide to reach for the ‘Kiddies Perm’ check-our HAIRDUCATION advice on what you should and should not do with your child’s uniquely beautiful challenging hair texture.
The unique nature of afro or mixed-race hair means that from the ages of 0-3 years old, your child’s hair will under-go a transition before your eyes, that if you are not ready for, (as parents with children beyond this age will already know) can present itself as a stressful scenario!

Questions usually asked:

What products do I use, How do I comb it? How often do I wash it/ Does my child’s hair need a treatment? 

As the caretaker of you Childs beautiful tresses, we have a responsibility as parents to pass on the GOOD hair message to our youngsters from a very early age. 
The natural hair movement is fast becoming a global phenomenon, women everywhere are abandoning the relaxer to reacquaint with their natural tresses; so how do we ensure the next generation of young girls continue this hair love affair with what’s naturally theirs?
Through HAIRducation that’s how!
HAIRducation is a philosophy of healthy hair knowledge, established by ROOT2TiP hair care, who run seminars on conferences on how we should look after and maintain our natural hair. ROOT2TiP believe this invaluable knowledge is as important as teaching your child to brush their teeth, it what’s should become the norm!

Hairducation - Basic hair care TIPS:

1)  Let your child know her hair is beautiful from the age of basic understanding, this way the child will grow up with a natural affinity towards their hair that will have been nurtured from a tender age!
2) Adopt a simple hair care routine that your child will become used to. Afro/Curly/Mixed race hair is always dry, by its very nature, so make a point to moisturise it daily, and explain to your child why you are doing-so, a little HAIRducation early on is paramount to success.
3) Ensure to use products that make a difference to the way your child’s hair actually behaves and feels. Kinki Coili Kurli by ROOT2TiP is a specially formulated range of natural hair care products that caters for the challenges dry, frizzy and Afro/Mixed children’s hair-types often present. The 3 step moisture system includes: Honey-rain Juice- the best-selling Detangler/leave-in conditioner, Heaven’s hair milk, which is a light conditioning crème that is also great for baby hair, and the Vanilla-sun Twurly butter, a moisturising styling butter with a mousse-like consistency that defines curls and provides great hold for twists , bunches and braids.
4) Water is one of natures greatest moisturisers!  It's often believed water dries out the hair, if washed frequently, however in reality, when washing your child’s hair its actually the shampoo being used that’s the culprit! 
Invest in a Sulphate free- shampoo or even better, use a conditioner to wash the hair with instead, you will find that a light conditioner will cleanse the hair sufficiently with the added bonus of leave it softer.
5)  Children’s hair like adult hair, will benefit greatly from a Deep conditioning treatment. Aim to apply a Deep conditioner to your child’s hair at least once a fortnight.
6)  Style the hair safely!  Avoid hair-styles that are done too tightly especially on very young children. Young scalps contain follicles that are still maturing, by corn-rowing your child’s hair tightly or applying hair bands with no slack for the scalp, you risk damaging your child’s follicles, so keep them happy by doing loosely styled bunches, twists or banding.
7)  Limit heat. The over use of a blow-dryer or flat-iron is of the quickest ways to unknowingly prematurely damage your child’s hair! Allow your child’s hair to dry naturally, to keep their hair healthy and retain length.
8)   Take a moment to massage! Make a point of sitting your child down to oil and massage their scalp at least once a week. Massage in the correct way by pressing your fingers gently into the scalp and moving the scalp, not the fingers over the scalp! This will encourage hair-growth and is also a great bonding experience with your child.
9)  Happy hair tools! Avoid the usage of plastic fine tooth combs and plastic brushes, as Curly/Afro hair is very fragile, be sure to have the correct tools at home.  A seamless bone, or afro comb is essential, as well as a soft Boar brush.
10)  Stick to the rules! If you take your child to the hairdresser or have a family member who does their hair for you, make sure they understand, how you want your child’s hair to be treated.
Hair care does not have to be a stressful or painful experience. From the very beginning its vital to give your child a happy, healthy hair care experience. If a child associates pain with every hair session life can become a nightmare. 
By employing these HAIRducation tips you have the power to turn tears and tantrums to smiles and joy. Give your child the greatest gift of all ; a dose of Hair self-esteem by equipping them with a little HAIRducation, that will not only give them the ability to reach their hair potential but it’s something that can passed down to the next generation also. HAIRducation is Power.
To Help you inspire your litle girl my daughter Heavenberry has launched her own Youtube channel at age 9 years old to show other children what they can do to look after their own hair, please do check it out on youtube just search for : Heavenberry Hairshow.
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