3 reasons your Hair Needs Regular Protein

3 reasons your Hair Needs Regular Protein

P is for Protein - 3 Top reasons your hair needs a regular Protein Treatment!

As you prep your hair for summer, have you considered doing a natural Protein treatment yet?
Protein for natural hair
Before you add the braids, twists, faux locs, wash n Go look, give your hair some support with Protein! 

The Science behind Protein:

Your hair strands are made up of protein in fact 90% of the hair is made from the keratinous fibre known as protein. 
Each strand is held together by a disulfide bond. Protein reinforces these bonds, making hair stronger and creating less of an opportunity for hair to be damaged by everyday styling and maintenance. 
Protein must be hydrolysed! That means the particles must be small enough to sink into the hair strand and support the bonds in the hair! 
So if you love the kitchen DIY stiff like eggs and mayo save that for your sandwiches, as the Hellmans is not really doing much to your hair! 
Invest in a Protein treatment like ours!
We have not 1 but 3 hydrolysed Protein extracts that all have a specific job to do to support stronger hair and stop major and minor breakage! 
Treat your hair ✅ right! She will love you back. 


How often should I use Protein in my hair?

Protein can be used 1 x a month. Our Masque is a great balance of moisture and Strengthening extracts so unlike most treatments it will not dry your hair out! 

We use the plant power of Henna to create a

shield around your hair strands to really protect them.


Can I use Protein before my wash day?

Yes! Use it before washday but always use it with heat so a conditioning cap or steamer so it sinks into your strands. If your hair full of product rinse that out first! 

Should I do protein treatment before and after my protective style for eg. Braids?

Yes and Yes! A protective style can stress the hair out. Weakness can develop along the hair strands due to the manipulation. Use our Triple Protein masque before and After! 
Tap the link on this post to see our amazing Triple Protein Masque! 
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