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Back To School Hair Routine For Black Hair

So, children have gone back to school now, which means it's back to creating a hair routine that protects and allows your child's hair to flourish during the school term. So, this week I'm sharing some tips on back to school routines and hairstyles!

  1. Deep Condition
back to school hair: cowash

Start the hair routine on deep conditioned hair. This is a great foundation to ensure your child's hair is soft. Our Cooler2Cowash with extra virgin olive oil was made for this on your kid's tresses. Use this after shampooing the hair to soften strands.

  1. Hydrate
back to hair: honey rain juice

Once you've deep conditioned the hair, spray our Honey Rain Juice to your child's hair to detangle and hydrate. Our Honey-rain Juice is London's best-selling hair detangler!

  1. Nourish Strands


Heaven's Hair Milk


  1. Seal


sunlight curl creme


Now that the hair is all detangled and moisturised, you want to maximise the time that the hair retains the moisture. Our Sunlight Curl Creme is specifically designed for this and to help protect tresses from the sun rays.


At Root2Tip, we are big advocates for Soft Scalp Styling (Triple S Method) for kids. Therefore, we really encourage low manipulative hairstyles.

Twisted Buns

Twisted buns are a simple style to achieve. Simply create two strand twists throughout your child's hair and part them into buns to create this cute hairstyle for your kid at school.

Threaded Twists

Threading hair is a great style that encourages hair to grow and is flexible to be styled in different ways once the thread is applied. The hairstyle originates from Africa.

I hope these back to school hair tips help you get back into the school routine for your child’s hair. We also have a back to school hair kit too! to help your further with this, so do feel free to check that out too.

Sal Baxter

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