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Do you have Hair Goals for your children?

Do you have Hair Goals for your children?

Is your little one finally out of the delicate Baby-Hair phase and now you are determined to see a full head of coils and curls? Or have you been struggling with a bald spot on your little one’s head for months and been oiling his or her scalp daily to finally see it grow long and full?

It’s ok to have hair goals for your children as long as it’s a healthy and fun process for both parent and child. 


Here are 3 things we want you to know about setting hair goals for your princes and princesses.


  1. No Pressure

Always remember healthy hair is a journey and not a destination. Consistency is key and too much pressure to reach your child’s hair goal can bring on frustration. Children are still learning to identify with their hair and might not understand why it’s such a big deal. Make the journey fun and you’ll reach that goal before you know it.


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  1. Comparison is a kill joy

Social media can help us find inspiration to set a certain hair goal but should not revolve around comparing your child’s hair to someone else’s. We want to teach our little ones to celebrate others without trying to be like them. Recognize their own beautiful features and be confident in them. You might have reached a certain goal that both you and your child are excited about only to compare to someone on social media or in the friends and family circle and feel like you are not doing as great as them. Don’t hesitate setting several mid goals, so that you have multiple victories to celebrate. Be proud of your progress, you are on the right track! 


  1. Every head of hair is unique

Every child is unique and so is every head of hair! If you have multiple children you know that even siblings often do not have similar hair textures. With different textures come different needs. Be mindful of your child’s texture, porosity needs etc. when setting certain hair goals. Always keep your child’s uniqueness in the centre. Concentrate on urgent hair health issues like split ends, bald spots first and then for example on length which takes longer to achieve. 


All in all, hair goals are a great way for you and your child to see your little one’s hair thrive, have fun on that great journey. Let Root2Tip accompany you with our new Back2School Moisture Bundle .


Lovelyn Appiah


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Amazing product! Definitely recommend

I’ve tried various products on my daughters hair and no luck! I saw this in a Facebook group so thought I’d give it a go, wow! It actually works, it detangled her hair perfectly ready for plaiting, and It also smells gorgeous! I’ve already recommended to a few people, sending them the link and a photo of what to buy. Expect a lot more purchases on this! Thank you for creating a decent product!

Does the job

This product makes hair clean as though you used a shampoo and leaves hair feeling so soft

Great product

I love love the smell of this product I just wanted to start using it immediately I got my items.its a great leave in and the bottle makes it more amazing as it's so easy to use

Best moisturizer

This product is so amazing on my daughter's hair it keeps her hair moisturized all day and its so perfect for her 4c hair.I would buy it again


Hydration at it's best simply love this for my dry knotty locks. I hair feels so lovely and soft even after a few hours the moisture is still there. Great product.