Length Goals – Tips For Growing Afro Hair Safely

Length Goals – Tips For Growing Afro Hair Safely

There is so much bad information circulating about afro hair growth.  I want to start by addressing the myth that afro hair doesn’t grow. First of all, if that was the case people wouldn’t need relaxers every two months.  So yes, our hair does grow, and it can even grow long.

The problem is many people have trouble retaining length (breakage) — which is a big difference from not growing.

Here are our top five tips that have helped us grow and keep stronger, longer afro hair.

  1. Keeping A Balanced Diet Coupled With Drinking Water Regularly

If your food is unhealthy or restrictive, your hair will not get the nutrients it needs to grow. Adopting a balanced diet means that you have at least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. For example, spinach and broccoli are excellent sources of vitamin A which can promote a healthy scalp.

These foods also contain vitamin C, which encourages hair growth as it allows your body to absorb iron which results in the transportation of oxygen to your hair follicles. You should also consume foods like eggs, fish, almonds and wholegrain, all rich in protein.

Eating foods like this can help your body produce amino acids, which produces keratin, which your hair is made from. In addition, you should also drink 2 litres or eight glasses of water per day for healthy hair growth.

  1. Say Yes To Protective Styles

Protective styling does not only help your hair grow faster, but it also helps you retain more length because you are not constantly manipulating your hair. The ends of your hair are the most fragile because they are the oldest part.  So after all the combing, detangling, blow drying, and flat ironing, it’s very easy for your ends to become damaged. And if you don’t get your ends trimmed regularly, they will break off.  So in order to keep your ends healthy, you have to continue to trim.

The average person’s hair grows half inch per month, so if you are losing that amount or more due to breakage, dryness, rough handing and excessive heat styling then it will appear as if your hair is not growing.

While genetics play a role, adopting protective hairstyles like braids, wigs, and mini twists can work wonders in promoting growth and retaining length. Here’s how to harness the power of protective styling for long, luxurious afro hair.

  • Braids: Opt for low-tension braiding techniques to avoid unnecessary stress on your scalp and hair follicles. Keep braids in for 6-8 weeks, ensuring regular maintenance to prevent matting and breakage. Moisturise your scalp and edges with natural oils to keep them healthy and nourished.
  • Wigs: Wigs offer versatility and protection by allowing your natural hair to rest from daily manipulation. Prioritize breathable, high-quality wigs made from natural hair or synthetic fibres that mimic real hair. Moisturise and braid your hair underneath to maintain moisture and minimize tangling.
  • Mini Twists: This low-maintenance style involves twisting small sections of hair to create defined curls. Keep twists moisturised with leave-in conditioner or oils to prevent dryness and breakage. Retwist regularly to maintain the style and protect your ends.

Also remember that just because your hair is in a protective style don’t neglect to moisturise and care for it. Whatever style you use, we recommend using Root2tip’s Harvest Hair Growth Kit which contains 4 carefully curated products that will allow you to nourish and grow your hair. In the kit we have

  • The MUST-HAVE: Honey rain juice (a daily hydrating spray) – stops dry hair, and strengthens it to stop breakage!
  • The Comb-out cowash conditioner – cleanses braided hair and protects the hair until it is loosed out
  • The Grow-it long Scalp serum – A 100% natural scalp oil that stops an itchy scalp and promotes hair growth especially good for the hairline that can be very fragile!
  • The Root energizer- a powerful tonic 100% natural and Ayurvedic science-backed formula to regrow hairlines, restore thinning hair and stimulate hair growth at the follicle level.
  1. Keep Moisture In Your Afro Hair At All Times

When your hair is dry it breaks easily and is less likely to grow longer. So make keeping the moisture in your afro hair a priority. Our product Quench Butter is a vegan moisturising creme specifically formulated to nourish afro and curly hair. Its unique blend of ingredients ensures hydration to alleviate dryness and improve hair's elasticity, reducing the risk of breakage..

In addition, our Honey Rain Juice Leave-In Conditioner uses shea butter and vitamin B5 which is ideal for treating split ends and can prevent hair loss, meaning you get stronger, longer hair. This mixture also contains Aloe vera which also has moisturising properties.

  1. Establish A Regular Routine

You can achieve any result if you are consistent, and this remains the same for hair growth. To reduce breakage and increase the likelihood of longer hair, you need to create a routine of cleansing and conditioning your hair every 7-10 days. 

  1. Keep Your Afro Hair Protected At Night

Remember to use a satin bonnet or scarf, or a satin pillowcase for when you sleep at night. Avoid using cotton pillowcases as this absorbs moisture and will generate a lot of friction when asleep, leading to breakage.

Debunking the myth that afro hair doesn’t grow is essential for understanding how to nurture and maintain its length. By addressing common issues like breakage and dryness, implementing a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, and embracing protective styles such as braids, wigs, and mini twists, you can promote growth and retain length effectively. Additionally, prioritizing moisture with products like Quench Butter and Honey Rain Juice Leave-In Conditioner, establishing a consistent hair care routine, and protecting your hair at night with satin bonnets or pillowcases are crucial steps in achieving stronger, longer afro hair. Remember, with patience, dedication, and the right techniques, anyone can unlock the potential for luxurious, flourishing afro hair. Visit www.root2tip.com for a variety of hair care products.

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