6 Christmas Party Hairstyles for Afro/Curly hair

6 Christmas Party Hairstyles for Afro/Curly hair

Seasons greetings!

Today I'm suggesting 6 Christmas party hairstyles to wear when glamming up this Christmas party season! I also have a present for you...

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1. High Bun


Jamelia High Bun

Rocking a high bun is a simple style to create but can be very flexible for you to wear on various occasions. It brings out your facial features and highlights your glam makeup look! 

2. Crown Braids/Twists 

Crown Braid

Your hair is your crown, so why not flaunt the royalty that you are? This crown twist hairstyle helps protect your kinks and curls and can be styled in different forms, even without a parting to give even more of a halo effect. 

3. Crotchet Twists

Crotchet Twists

If you want a twist-out look, without letting your natural hair out, these crochet twists are a good go-to. However, you should be extra careful when removing crochet hairstyles. It should be done gently, otherwise, it can cause tugging and pulling out hair from the root. 

4. Locs Party Plait

Locs party plait

Despite what many may think, locs are very versatile. This up-do is perfect for a glam look if you have locs.

5. Afro 

Cynthia Andrew's Afro

Let your hair be bold in its natural afro form! This can work well with a pair of hooped earrings and red lippy like the above picture.

6. Straight hair

Patricia Bright Wig Straight Hair

If you want to opt-in for a straight-hair look, you can achieve this with either a wig or even your natural hair. Remember to use a heat protectant, if you do straighten your own hair, to prevent heat damage.  

We hope these Christmas party hairstyles for afro/ curly hair have given you some ideas for this celebratory season!

Check out this tutorial for how to achieve the locs glam plait hairstyle:


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