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Deep Conditioning Tips 101: Top 3

deep conditioning tips

Having a solid hair care routine is key to maintaining a healthy head of hair and deep conditioning is a powerful tool to introduce the right amount of moisture into your hair. It is important to know how to deep condition effectively in order for your hair to get the most out of it. Here are three deep conditioning tips to help you find that perfect routine balance.

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1. Deep conditioning before or after shampooing?

Many people confuse a pre-poo (pre-shampoo) routine with a deep conditioning routine. It is very useful to oil your scalp and hair strands before using shampoo to counteract the stripping effect some shampoos may have.

However, whilst coating your hair with a product or oil can be beneficial, this is not the time to deep condition. The hair is dirty, probably has product build-up and excess sebum on the scalp.

Therefore, it is not able to absorb any more products. So deep conditioning before washing the hair will end up wasting the product. You won't see the benefits that you desire for your hair.

It is better to wait until after your shampoo and make sure you rinse the shampoo out with warm water so that the cuticles stay open in order to receive the vitamins and moisturising agents of your deep conditioner.


2. Deep conditioning overnight?

Does protecting the pillow with towels, sleeping in plastic wraps and waking up with your deep conditioner all over your pajamas sound familiar?

If you have ever deep conditioned overnight, you know it’s not all fun and games. The products end up getting everywhere. So, what’s the hype and is it really necessary?

When it comes to products and their absorption, hair behaves like a sponge. If you put a sponge in a pool of water, it can only absorb so much. Once the sponge has absorbed the water to its capacity, it can’t absorb even a drop more.

Hair behaves in a similar manner when it comes to products. Once it has absorbed the amount of product to its full capacity, it cannot take any more.

That’s also why, after a night of deep conditioning, you can see the product still sitting on your hair. If our hair was able to absorb all of it, it would be dry in the morning.

So as a rule of thumb, deep conditioning for an hour and a half is enough for your hair to absorb all the needed nutrients.


3. DIY or store-bought products?

This is really a question of preference and it depends on how much time you have. DIY is great because it’s an easy way to take what you already have in your home and mix it together to get great results.

Using a conditioner, like our Comb-out Cowash and adding 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey, can make a good deep conditioner. It will give your hair that extra moisture, boost, and shine.

However, if you don’t have the time to search for what ingredients will work best, using a deep conditioner, like our Triple Protein Strengthening Mask is superb. It's hassle free and focuses specifically on strengthening your strands.

All in all, deep conditioning will help you take your black hair care journey to the next level. We hope these deep conditioning tips help you deep condition with ease.

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273 reviews
Original Honey Rain Juice Detangler
Kimberley (Harlesden, GB)
This is essential for your hair care!

I usually wait to see the overall results before submitting a review. After using this product for over a year and previously trying other brands, I can say that it is the best by far. It detangles and provides moisture to my hair. I have seen the growth and retention since it was recommended. Certainly a must have!


No grease !! I tried the Quench Anti Breakage Cream my hair is super hydrated and soft. Definitely will buy again as this moisturises my hair superbly. Lovely product.

Simply the best!!!!

It's not very often that I'm impressed by someone. I saw Sal online talking about her hair products. Her passion for all things hair coupled with her inspiration from our Creator further impressed me. I tried the Grow It Long Scalp Serum and the Super Growth Root Energiser [which I've only used once]. I actually cannot believe the transformation my hair has achieved! I had lots and lots of hair loss and bald patches and the combination of these products has improved my hair so much, I'm shocked at the results!!! I have posted pictures here so you can see the results for yourself. The first [CURRENT] picture was taken on the 10th June 2021 and a second [BEFORE] picture was taken the 20th May 2021 , both on the same side of my head. Sal you are such an inspirational person with a beautiful spirit. I thank you for all you have done to improve our hair and all you continue to do for the Black Family.

The Back2School Afro-curly kids Moisture Kit
Bianca Collins (Bristol, GB)
Works wonders

I brought this for my 2 year old who has quite thick coily hair. The honey rain detangles his hair so quickly I can literally run my fingers through it. The heaven milk, is nice Silky and moisturising the sun light cream is great on the ends of his hair to lock everything in

TRIPLE M Miracle Moisture Milk
Bianca Collins (Bristol, GB)
Ever so moisturising

Absolutely love this! I brought this for my daughter but decided to use some in my hair the other day and I couldn’t believe how moisturising it was and the moisture last for a few days, my hair is usually quite dry. Will definitely purchase again