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Hair Identity: How We Find Our Identity In Our hair

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 Ever heard of the saying “a woman’s hair is her glory”? It’s funny how something so ever-changing, which has the capacity to curl, coil, be cut short, shaved off, or worn long and luscious is supposed to be a significant factor of a woman’s identity and/or her and other’s perception of her beauty. Hair identity!

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Does our hair really define who we are? 

Our hair and face are the first things people see, which then shapes their first impression of us. 

A tight updo gives off a professional outlook. Whereas loose and bouncy curls can be seen as passionate and free spirited.

How much of our identity and personality goes into the way we choose to wear our hair?

We’ve seen women cut their hair completely when they turn a heavy chapter in their lives. Their hair becomes a loud statement, that something has ended and in the same breath, something new has begun.

The emphasis we put on our hair to define or at least communicate, part of who we are can be powerful. It lends us an “audible” voice to express who we are! 

Identity is multifaceted but I do believe that our hair translates little fractures of it to the world. It gives a glimpse to whoever is curious enough to see beyond curls and coils and sees the souls behind the smile! 

At Root2Tip, we believe in the unique beauty of every person we have the privilege to serve and share our products with.

So if you need a little help expressing your own beauty through that beautiful long, short, curly or straight hair of yours, we’ll be glad to accompany you through that journey!

Start with an extra boost of moisture with our two part system: 

Honey Rain Juice 


To your successful hair journey,

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239 reviews
Smells fab!

Lovely shampoo, it did not strip my daughters hair and following me using it i have seen an improvement in her hair definitely now a staple for us and she loved the smell of it.


This oil is perfect for my little ones hair. A little goes a long way

Moisture Milk

Exactly what it says...moisturising and silky milky! My tough hair loves with all accompanied products. It's really made my hair more manageable and I absolutely appreciate these products. Many many thanks! The rain juice absolutely won majorly with my hair as well.


Love, love , love!!! THANK YOU for this juicy cleansing and cleaning shampoo..Hair still feels nourished without being stripped off of oils...Amazing.

Whipped Butter

I've struggled for the longest with my extra dry tightly coiled 4c hair. This butter became soulmates with my hair instantly!!! There's a major difference from 1st use and I'm not a homewrecker so this union shall continue...Soft, fluffy hair with bounce! I'm amazed by it all...Thank you.