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Hairstyles for Work

Hairstyles for Work

I hope you haven't been caught in the rain! It seems like it's safe to say that we have officially entered Autumn!

Following California and New York crown law ban, outlawing natural hair discrimination, there has been a call for a similar law in the UK. You can sign the petition here:  

With this, I thought to put together a list of suggestions for afro hairstyles for work. Our hair is very versatile and we can create a range of hairstyles for a variety of locations - and that is inclusive of work- despite the completely flawed 'unkempt' stereotype. 

We apologise again and ask you to please bear with us, as we stock products. Remember to save Sunday 20th October in your diaries for our Back To School event. There's more information to come soon. Thank you for your patience.

1. Dreadlocks -If you have locks you can twist the roots to create a nice patterned style such as the ones in this picture:


2. Afro puff - This is a classic hairstyle that you can wear practically anywhere! There are little things you can do with it to enhance the style. For example, braiding or flat-twisting the front of your hair.

yara shahidi afro puff

3. Flat Twists into a bun - If you'd like a tight sleek look, you could try flat twist your hair in sections and tie it up into a bun. 



4. Braid Out Bob - There are so many different types of briding patterns you can do to achieve the desired shape you like. Afro hair is so versatile!

5. Crown braids- These are similar to french braids but tend to go in a more circular format.

Check out this crown braid tutorial:

crown braids

Stay Blessed,

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217 reviews
Love love love it!!!

I have been looking for the right products for my daughter’s hair. I’m not very familiar with textured curly hair and all my education of how to care for it was from YouTube tutorials and advices from other women. So I’m so happy to find this oil. I simply follow what’s on the tin and it makes wonders! Definitely buying again!

"Absolutely amazing!"

I bought this product for my daughters. As predicted my phone was jammed with inbound voice notes praising not just the quality of the packaging (it's very eco friendly), but also the award winning hair care product, Quench anti breakage creme. I had been trying to persuade her to try the product for sometime but she claimed her own homemade natural products will suffice. Hear her now: "Dad! Dad! ...This product is the business!! My hair loves these products!". I'm waiting for the video she's making... coming soon!
Thanks a million to Root2tip haircare products.


Amazing product smells great light and not too greasy would definitely use again 😁👍


Products arrived in a timely fashion and well packaged.
The actual product itself is great - my son is mixed heritage with very coarse coils. The honey rain juice detangler and heavens hair milk are both light and not sticky and moistures my sons hair with no excess residue.
The packaging of the products isn’t great - the detangler bottle broke when trying to open it and I had to tip the product into a spray bottle to use it and prevent spillage.
The heavenly milk bottle was only filled up three quarters of the way - product had not been filled to the top which is a real shame. I like to support small independent businesses but feel as customers we should be supported by the business to do that. Maybe I was just unlucky with my order and it wouldn’t stop me ordering again 😁.
I am unable to review the shampoo and conditioner as we haven’t tried them yet. Shampoo does smell amazing on first sniff!

Fir some reason I can’t edit the stars - I would rate this as 3-4 due to packaging issues.

Product quality

Second time ordering from here and I have noticed the packaging has changed with the hair milk. Well mine came with a flat top lid that you press on one side to open. Prior to that I noticed that the milk is a much more runny consistency than before which I am not not pleased with. Also the rain juice when sprayed in my daughters hair. It makes her hair very soapy and bubbly which I cannot understand and also not very happy with. The oil I need to give more time. But based on my experience Im not keen on ordering in a rush...