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Healthy Hair, Healthy Mind: Top 7 Tips

With this month being mental health awareness month, we recognise the importance of protecting your mind, as well as your hair. We know that part of feeling good is looking good. So, we are sharing some tips on how to grow healthy hair from an approach that also helps keep your mind at ease.

1. Healthy Hair Oil

Root energizer healthy hair oil

From personal experience, I know how hair loss can really have an effect on mental health. This is why I launched Root2Tip to help combat the hair loss I faced and these natural products helped me with this. Our Root Energizer oil is specifically designed to help hair loss.

2. Massage

Man Lying on Blue and White Textile

Not only is the process of massaging your scalp good for stimulating hair growth, but it is also therapeutic and can help you feel relaxed. That's what massages are for right? Why not give this a try for 4 minutes? It's a double win!

3. Eat Your Hair Healthy

eat your hair healthy

What you eat affects the overall health in your body - including your hair and skin! Drink plenty of water, and increase this amount in hotter seasons to avoid dehydration! Fruit and veg should be implemented into your daily meals and snacks.

4. Trim

Don't be afraid of losing length! Healthy hair is happy hair and makes for an even happier mind in the long run! If you choose to hang onto damaged ends, this can break your hair and prevent it from reaching its full growth potential! Signs that your hair needs trimming include split ends and dead ends. As hairdressers and barbers are currently closed in the UK, it's an opportunity to try trimming your hair yourself! There is several haircare tutorials to help with this.

5. Treat Your Hair Like Your Skin

Healthy hair healthy skin

At RootTip, we strongly believe that if you cannot use a product on your skin, it shouldn't be used in your hair. This is why we have at least 98% natural ingredients in our product range. When you use skin products, you may look for clogged pores, or signs of greasiness, for example. You should also try to do the same with your hair. Don't just look at first glance to see if it is shiny. Take a closer look. If your hair follicles are clogged, it is prevented from reaching its true growth potential.

6. Moisturise For Healthy Hair

honey rain juice healthy hair moisturiser

Natural hair needs to be regularly moisturised to prevent it from drying out and breaking. Our honey-rain juice is the best-selling detangler in London and helps loosen knots and adds extra moisture!

7. Avoid Heat For Healthy Hair

gray corded hair dryer and red comb

Black hair textures are very unique, but also fragile! Using heat too often can lead to breakage. So, when shampooing and conditioning your hair, try air drying. The process speeds up especially in hotter seasons like we are in right now!

I hope these tips help you to have healthier hair and a healthier mind.


Take care,

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