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How To Choose The Right Hair Product At Root2Tip

At Root2Tip our aim is to make your hair care journey as easy as possible. Choosing the wrong products for your hair type or texture can be frustrating and we want to help you avoid that. If you’ve been trying to choose the right hair product for you, this list will help you determine which product will work best for you. You might be facing different challenges, from dandruff to breakage or lifeless curls.

Root2Tip has an answer to each one of those issues. If you haven’t found your perfect product yet, we hope you will, after reading this blog post.

How To Choose The Right Hair Product For Scalp Issues

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Healthy hair grows out of a healthy scalp. We want to make sure that your scalp is in the best condition and is in the most favourable environment for striving hair.

If you suffer from excessive dandruff, and itchy scalp or you just want to stimulate your scalp for better circulation and hair growth, our Grow it Long Scalp Serum is the right choice.

It serves well as a pre-poo treatment before your shampoo routine. You can even use it on the lengths of the hair to prevent them from drying out during shampooing.

Oil your scalp, put on a plastic cap, and use our oil as a hot oil treatment. Our Grow it Long Scalp Serum is a multitasker and will help you maintain the overall health of your scalp.

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Breakage and dull hair

Our hair often has a way of showing us what it needs. Lifeless curls, lack of shine, and breakage are signs that the hair is lacking protein. Hair is mainly made out of protein, however, with time it loses most of it and needs to be strengthened.

Our Triple Protein Masque is your best ally to give your hair back strength and vitality. A protein treatment every 3 – 4 weeks is a great way to keep balance in your hair care routine and prevent unnecessary breakage.

How To Choose The Right Product For Dry Hair

This is the one we all deal with one way or the other. Keeping the hair moisturised can be a struggle when the product used does not match the hair's need. Where light hair milk is enough for fine hair that is not very dense, thick hair will be left thirsty no matter how much product is used.

If your hair is averagely dense and fine to medium, we recommend using our Triple M Hair Milk. It is light enough to not weigh the hair down, however it packs enough of a punch to moisturise the hair adequately.

On the other hand, if your hair is rather thick and very dense, our Triple M Hair Milk can be the first step of a two-step system. Applying the milk and then following up with our rich Quench Anti-Breakage cream will be the perfect combo to literally quench the thirst of your kinks and curls.

Depending on your hair type your hair might need a thicker and richer product to be able to moisturise correctly.

Choosing the right product can be a little bit of a challenge. Try and identify your hair's specific needs and we will have the right product ready to make a difference in your hair care journey.

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