How to grow hair in quarantine

How To Grow Hair of Afro/Mixed Descent In Quarantine


Hi all,

We are back! Are you looking for tips on how to grow hair in quarantine? We are here to help you out.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you are keeping safe and getting access to all your essentials. As many of our retail partners are closed down, we have shifted to selling predominantly via our online store.

As many of us have more time on our hands now, we can invest more in our natural hair journeys. We want to help you with this and so are starting a challenge... Read on to find out more!

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This Friday 10th April, we will also be hosting a live small Hair Care 101 QNA on Instagram and Facebook where you can ask any hair-related questions that you have for us. Join our Facebook group, where we will be posting regular tips and tricks to help you through the challenge. We will also post a zoom link to the QNA live there. 

    1. Order our Grow it Long scalp serum and Super Growth Hair Root Serumusing the code: Massage15 for 15% off at checkout 
      2. Join our Facebook group
      3. Follow the tips posted in the group weekly
      4. Post your pictures or posts by the given due dates
      5. Engage! Comment, like pictures/posts, ask questions and more! We want to hear from you and help you on this journey. We are all in this together!


                                       4 Healthy Hair Tips for Quarantine: 

1. Hydrate 

                  Honey-Rain Juice

Whether indoors or outdoors, it’s important for you to regularly keep your tresses moisturised. Use our Honey-Rain Juice to help with this and detangle any knots.

2. Treatment  

                  Tripe Protein Strengthening Hair Mask Deep Conditioning

Step your protein game up by using our Hair Masque on your shampoo or co-wash day, to strengthen your strands. Key benefits of this masque include hydrolysed amino acid protein extracts, wheat, silk and henna properties.

3. Protect 

                  Quench anti-breakage creme *Quench my thirst!

To seal and protect all that moisture you’ve put in your hair, use our Quench Anti-breakage crème for longer-lasting results.


4. Repeat 

                   Afro hair routine

These steps should make up your pre-summer hair routine. Continue including these steps so that you can fearlessly flaunt your hair in the summer when quarantine is (hopefully) over!


Check out our YouTube video for some hair inspiration too:


 Stay Safe,
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