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How To Love Your Natural Hair: Kids Edition Top 9 Tips

Haircare is a lifelong learning lesson. Therefore, as a parent, it's important to make sure your kid learns how to love their natural hair as early as possible. Here are some tips on how to make haircare fun for your kids! 

1. Ask them what they like and don’t like about their hair: how to love your natural hair

We believe the first step in teaching our children to love their hair is to understand their perception of their hair.

They might struggle with a part of their hair journey, like detangling or long styling sessions.

Having an understanding what our children struggle with, may it be the appearance or maintenance of the hair, we can better explain and make the next hair care session less complex so they can appreciate their hair more.Child smile: how to love your natural hair


2. Watch YouTube Tutorials with them

 Show them that afro/curly hair textures are so versatile and there's a range of styles they can do! We have a few on our channel, and YouTube is pretty good at recommending videos based on similar topics. There's been a viral phenomenon recently of black father's doing their daughter's hair- firmly breaking the stereotype! (Check out the clip at the bottom of this post). 

Mother speaking positively to child : how to love your natural hair

3. Positive Affirmations

Speak Positive Affirmations over them, letting them know their hair is their crown. Even if the mainstream society standard of beauty is euro-centric, afro/curly hair types are just as beautiful as any other hair type. Remind them of the uniqueness of their individual hair texture. 

4. Role model:

how to love your natural hair

 Set an example yourself by caring for your own hair. From setting a routine and caring for your own hair, it will become normal for your child to see and can encourage them to put it into practice and style and care for their own hair as they grow older. Haircare can be a great way to bond and share tips, as your child grows and discovers new things for themselves.

5. Let them choose their own hair style

As long as the hairstyle is age appropriate, letting your child choose their next hairstyle can help teach them to love and appreciate their hair. Feeling beautiful or handsome is a big part of a child’s identity and the hair plays a huge role in that. We might have grown up in a different environment where our parents chose every hairstyle for us but we think it is time to give children a voice and a little bit more control over the image they want to present to the world

6. Teach them simple hair care techniques: how to love your natural hair

We do our children’s hair because they are too young to care for their own hair but teaching them to do little steps gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility to take care of their hair. Let them spritz their own hair with water or a moisturiser like our Honey Rain Juice. Let them apply their favourite cream or hair milk like our Heaven’s Hair Milk on a section of hair before you twist or braid it. Get them involved even If it is only in a small task of the entire process.

7. Speak about negative experiences they might have encountered

In their interaction with each other, children can be very cruel sometimes. If your child was bullied, insulted or talked down to because of their hair, it is very important that your child is able to express and digest the incident. Teaching them to love our differences and not listen to negative input from others shapes character and gives self-confidence. It is even more important to teach our children self-love despite today’s society and beauty standards.

We hope these tips on how to love your natural hair help your kids on their haircare journey.

Here's a video of some father's learning to do their daughter's hair:


Stay blessed!





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