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Natural hair ingredients for black hair

Natural hair ingredients for black hair

We can all agree that natural hair ingredients for black hair are key when it comes to choosing the right products or the right product line.  It can be tricky to understand the ingredients listed on a jar, their importance, and their effectiveness.

At Root2Tip, transparency is important to us. We love sharing our knowledge and educating our clients to make their hair care easier. What better way to shed some light than to take a look at some of the key ingredients we use at Root2Tip. Each and every one of them was studied, tried, and tested before it was approved. Here are our top 3.


Shea Butter: Natural hair ingredients for black hair

I’m sure you’ve heard of it and seen it on labels across different products. It is a thick butter which is extracted from the nuts of the shea tree. It is very rich, full of antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and moisturises. The skin, the scalp and the hair benefit from its virtues. It has antifungal properties which can prevent skin and scalp infections and this makes it a powerful ingredient in some of our products like:

Aloe-Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice Natural hair ingredients for black hair


The aloe vera leaf is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient which is why it is often used to treat burns.

It is especially soothing to the scalp. It’s also a strong natural conditioner and helps flatten and smooth down the cuticles of the hair. Using Aloe vera before styling makes the hair look shinier since it allows the light to easily bounce off the hair strands. Aloe Vera also helps to reduce frizz. These are all amazing benefits we could not pass on and had to add to our arsenal of ingredients.

Here are some of our products you can find Aloe Vera in:

Hydrolysed Silk Protein

Protein is one of the key ingredients you need to keep your hair strong and prevent breakage. The hair itself is mostly made out of the protein known as keratin.

Over time, the hair loses its strengthening properties and needs a refill. However, not all proteins are equal.

Some proteins are big molecules that can coat the hair from the outside but do little to nothing for the hair from the inside. This is where silk protein is different and special, as it’s small enough to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen it from the inside out.

This powerful difference makes it one of our proteins of choice when it comes to our products. The adequate amount of protein combined with a solid deep conditioning routine is what will take your hair to the next level.

Our Triple Protein Strengthening Hair Mask is filled with hydrolysed silk protein. You should try it!

Ingredients are important, we all know that.

However, knowing when and why to use specific ingredients will help you target the hair and scalp problems quicker and more efficiently. We at Root2Tip want to make sure that your hair gets the best of the best. It is our aim to serve you with quality products that will change your hair story once and for all.

We hope this list of natural hair ingredients for black hair help you on your journey.

Check out our tutorial on a two product twist-out:

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262 reviews
Love this

Love this product! It’s a great detangling spray especially after washing my hair. Would recommend:-)

Protein it is

I bought the triple protein, not expecting much, a friend of mine recommended it and I'm glad I did.tge consistency is nice for application. I didn't feel like it over treated my hair. It was just right. And I really feel like I saw results with just one use, because of how my hair felt and acted, I will definitely be keeping this as a staple of mine now.

Less tears, more progress

My daughter has very thick, long and curly hair and the honey rain juice helps to make detangling, brushing and styling so much easier. I love that it’s natural ingredients too and smells nice. Thank you ☺️

Softer Hair

I've only been using kit for a few weeks, but I can feel the difference in terms of texture..,
my hair feels softer, but there's a long way to go. Ask me again in a months time and I'll
post another review.

So far so good.

My scalp always feels brand new

I came back to this oil (I wanted the other one as well but it was out of stock - obviously very popular, and for good reason!) Over the last 6 months, I’ve tried different ones from different brands but none has compared to this. This oil is definitely my go to. It works wonders on my scalp (I have a mild case of seborrheic dermatitis). Please, never discontinue this product!