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Protein Treatments For Hair Benefits

Protein Treatments For Hair Benefits

I hope you are all keeping well. As we transition into the easing of lockdown, our hair needs to be protected more. Protein is a key part of protecting your hair. Here are 7 protein treatments for hair benefits:

1. Protein Treatments Reach Deeper Layers Of Your Tresses

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Protein treatments function by piercing through both the outer and inner layers of the hair shaft, which helps to strengthen your hair strands.

2. Environmental Factors

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Your hair can weaken based on environmental factors. This includes any chemicals or even extreme weather conditions. If your hair is damaged by chemicals, like hair dying, for example, protein can help build back up that strength.

3. Our Hair Has Been Kept Inside More

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Due to the virus outbreak, many of us have been spending more time indoors. In turn, our hair hasn't experienced the weather as much. Black natural hair, in particular, is very sensitive to the weather and so protein treatments can help protect it as we go outside more.

4. Natural Protein Treatments Are Enriching

Root2Tip Protein Treatments

We are a fan of hair masques that include natural enriching properties. Silk protein, henna protein and wheat protein all form our TRIPLE Protein Strengthening Hair Mask. It is currently on sale! So, don't miss out on your chance to bag this great deal!

5. Retaining Moisture

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Hair is formed of both protein and moisture. However, when there is a lack of protein, water molecules do not have anything to bind on. The amount of moisture that your hair retains depends on how much protein it has. Therefore, protein treatments actually help to ensure that your hair can retain moisture, when used in balance.

6. Restore Elasticity From Protein Treatments

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Protein help restore elasticity to your hair. This may have been lost through hair damage or breakage.

7. Different Benefits For Different Protein Treatments

There is a range of different protein treatments that you can choose from to help your hair with a specific issue you may be facing. For example, keratin treatments help chemically or heat damaged hair more, whilst wheat proteins help more with increasing moisture. Hydrolysed silk protein helps with elasticity, whilst vegetable protein absorbs into hair without creating build-up. So, you can choose which treatments work best for your hair situation.

I hope these protein treatments for hair benefits help you as we all transition into going out more as lockdown lifts.


Take Care,

Sal Founder of Root2Tip



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