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Swimming Hair Care Tips For Black Hair Textures: Top 7

I hope you've had a great week and managed to catch some of the sun we’ve been having! Doesn't all this sun make you want to cool off? Well, don’t fret! We have some swimming hair care tips for black hair textures whilst you take a dive into the pool for a swim!

1. Wear a swimming Cap: Swimming Hair Care Tips

 This may be obvious, but afro and curly hair textures do not mix well with chlorine. Especially if you've taken the plunge (pun absolutely intended) to colour your hair this summer! In the pool, it can cause damage and, in the seawater, it can cause dryness. Both of which you’d want to avoid at all costs! A swim cap is essential but you should also add another barrier of protection...

2. Pre-soak

Root2Tip Grow-it-long scalp serum product

Oil and water are also a no-go combo. So, its important you make sure you soak your hair at least 2 hours before swimming or, preferably, overnight in hair-loving golden Olive Oil. Extra virgin is best! Our Grow-it-long Scalp Serum can be used for this too.

3. Condition 

Root2Tip Comb-Out Cowash product: swimming hair care tips

Adding a conditioner to your hair also enhances another layer of protection onto your hair and under your swim cap. This helps create an anti-chlorine effect. Our Comb-Out Cowash can be used for this.

 4. Protective hairstyles: Swimming Hair Care Tips

A simple French braid hairstyle will help prevent tangling once you are out of the water. Although any type of protective hairstyle is an added step of protection when swimming, simple braids and twists make it easier for your swimming cap to fit on your head.

5. Soak Your Hair Before You Dive In

If you fail to pre-protect your hair, soak your hair before you dive in the pool! The water content in the strands will prevent further pool or sea water taking up too much space!

Adding water to your hair is a great way to prevent chlorine or seawater excessively damaging fragile hair textures. Afro hair and curls are more prone to damage from environmental factors than European tresses by nature of our hair’s biology.

Our hair can thrive when swimming, whether it be an afro or curls, we can enjoy both leisure activities with natural hair if we simply follow our helpful steps to take care!

6. Always Shampoo After: Swimming Hair Care Tips

Root2Tip Eco sls shampoo: swimming hair care tips

Always wash with shampoo and deep condition post swimming, even if you are unsure the water has touched your hair!

Afro hair and curls always benefit from a great wash day. This will ensure any chlorine in your hair is completely gone. You can use our SLS shampoo for this.

7. Do Not Avoid Swimming

Do not avoid swimming just because you have natural hair!

As long as you care for your hair correctly throughout the year, if you fancy a dip in the pool or sea, then girl please go for it!

Life is short and your hair should never prevent you or a child from enjoying a fabulous activity, such as swimming.

Afro hair and swimming is a combination that does go hand in hand once you follow our simple guide and ensure your afro or curls are looked after pre and post swimming.

If your child is swimming weekly, check out the YouTube video below with Heavenberry as a little girl! She gives you the low down on swimming with big afro hair + braids too.

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