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Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair: Top 9


It's wedding season! Whether you are the bride or a guest at an upcoming wedding, these occasions are a great opportunity to go all out with your hair! I have put together 9 wedding hairstyles for natural hair...

1. Flower Afro: Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Wedding hairstyles for natural hair with accessory

Accessories are beautiful to weave into wedding-inspired hairstyles. This beauty has creatively crafted this flower wired headband into her afro up-do. A simple afro style, but the accessory gives it more of a dynamic feel.

2. TWA twist-out

Short hair twist out wedding hairstyle

If you have a TWA (teeny weeny afro), why not try a braid or twist out, paired with a cute accessory to enhance that curl pattern? Regardless of your hair length, you can still rock a variety of styles for this special day.

3. Textured U-bun

This hairstyle is elegant and timeless. A low bun that you can either create with your own hair or added hair extensions. You can keep it simple or add accessories. Get innovative and let your personality shine through!

4. Romantic Curly updo

This hairstyle is perfect for naturally curly or wavy hair. Or, you can use our Honey Rain Juice and Natural Hair Butter to set your hair in a twist out or bantu knot out. Gather the hair in a crown shape and pin it up by leaving curls around the perimeter of your back and face which will create a romantic bohemian effect.

5. Textured Bridal updo

If you wear your hair in sister locks or mini twists and you want to keep your authentic look for your special day, this hairstyle is made for you. Use your twists or locks to create this beautiful hairstyle.

6. Half-up Half-down

This style is perfect if you want your hair loose without having it in your face. Create an amazing twist out using our Honey Rain Juice and Dream Cream.

Set the twists the night before. Once you unravel the twists, style them half up in the front and half down in the back. This is a super simple style that works on medium length to long hair.

7. Twisted Bun: Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair

We love that this hairstyle can be achieved on any length. If you have enough length to achieve the bun, then this should not take any longer than a couple of minutes.

You can also add hair extensions to make your bun bigger or completely cover your hair to make it a protective style. Talk about a win-win!

8. Braided Headband

Bold, unconventional & daring. If those are words you can identify with, then this hairstyle is made for you. It includes decorative cornrows, loose braids and a beautiful soft braid out.

Standout on this big day and make a statement with this beautiful hairstyle.

9. Afro Puffs: Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair

If you love both slicked backed hairstyles and voluminous curly styles then these afro puffs are perfect for your special day. They are easy to achieve and you will look and feel beautiful like the queen that you are.

With all of these hairstyles, our honey rain juice will be your personal assistant in detangling your hair to achieve these styles.

Also, our Twist and Curls Styling Pudding helps you achieve the hold, shine and softness you want to present at this special occasion.

As weddings are such unique occasions, it’s all about your overall look. So, be intentional with the colours you choose to wear.

From headbands, to jewellery, to your clothes- you want to dress to impress – whether you’re a bride or guest!

I hope this has helped you feel even more inspired for wedding season!
Stay inspired,
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