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The Back2School  Afro-curly kids Moisture Kit
The Back2School  Afro-curly kids Moisture Kit

The Back2School Afro-curly kids Moisture Kit

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The Back2school Afro-curly kids hair Moisture Kit
If you have a child who is just about to start nursery or maybe he/she is starting primary school, getting the right products early on is a true gift.    Set an ambitious goal for a child's hair from the age of 2 until 10! 
If you can preserve the health of your child's hair throughout primary school and have them leave with a head full of lush locks that is healthy and has grown to the full potential, they will be forever grateful and have extreme confidence!
At Root2tip we know at times it is challenging to maintain their unique hair type  (often more than one texture ). 
We know how stressful it can be on hair days, so we vow to make them happy for 1 million children!
As natural hair experts, we have fused science with plant-based ingredients to give your child hair the TLC it needs
What you can expect?
  • Lots of admiring glances + compliments :)
  • Soft bouncy hair
  • Shiny hair
  • Hair that grows 
  • Low porosity hair that stays moisturised
  • Shiny smooth hair
  • 90% Fewer knots + Tangles
  • No more tears + tantrums
  • Less frizz
  • Happy hair days
We offer soft, bouncy hair no matter the length that gets healthier over time with every application.  Natural children’s hair, type 4 children's hair, low porosity hair or mixed curls needs a unique mix of hydration and moisture to keep the strands shiny and soft!  The right balance of both gives your child his/her best hair days yet!
In the Back2school Afro-curly Kids hair Moisture Kit:
  • Cooler2cowash conditioner:
This cowash can be used after shampooing to Deep Condition the hair and also to wash the hair alone, skipping the shampoo step.  If you follow the Curly-girl method, you will have a ‘no-poo (no shampoo) routine.  
Curls and kinks prefer conditioner.  However, at least 1 x a month, a good shampoo is great for the scalp. Scalps need to be washed to allow for hair growth.
  • Honey rain Juice:
This is our ‘Super-nanny’ in a bottle, your hair hero!  She defeats tangles and tears FAST!  
In just a few short minutes be amazed as your child sits down and allows you to get through their hair without the tears!  We only do Happy hair days!   Use this daily to top up their moisture.  
  • Heaven’s hair milk:
Our Heaven’s hair milk is named after Sal’s daughter is a rich but light silky milk, a bit like creme on your apple pie!   Sal created it and used it on Heaven’s hair at the age of 5.  She said it was like magic!  Her texture just popped.  Her hair became super soft and luscious.
The cuticles on the strands lay down flat, so the hair radiates shine.   This is difficult for afro hair without the right moisture level being attained. her hair became so soft and smooth.  Parents love this product, you will too.
Sunlight Curl Creme:
This creme is like a luxurious greek yoghurt for the hair.  Not greasy at all but again it really enhances the beauty of your child’s natural curls, gives the hair weight and bounce.  This is the final step of the moisture in the kit.  It can be used as and when needed.
The secret to healthy hair that grows well is to retain moisture!  Dry hair breaks off, so you never see any progress! If you commit to regular moisture - you unlock the next level of hair growth and health.
Show your children how to do spray their own hair each day!
You are the caretaker of your child’s hair, show them what to do until they are able to do it well themselves.  
Look no further, we have the perfect set of products just for you.
Our products are designed to moisturise, hydrate and increase the health of:
  • Low-porosity hair
  • Extra-thirsty hair
  • Tight coily afro hair
  • Kinki-curly hair
  • Loose waves
  • Multiple textures on one head!

Check out this video with Sal showing you how to use each product:



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bianca Collins (Bristol, GB)
Works wonders

I brought this for my 2 year old who has quite thick coily hair. The honey rain detangles his hair so quickly I can literally run my fingers through it. The heaven milk, is nice Silky and moisturising the sun light cream is great on the ends of his hair to lock everything in

Grace Dunne (Coventry, GB)
The BEST stuff we have ever used!

Well what can i say. I got the back2school kit for my daughters mixed raced hair and OMG! This is hands down the best product we have used, it has taken us 9years to get here and iv only been using root2tip for 2 weeks! Quite simply the best there is! This needs to be available in ALL shops, ALL online retail outlets..EVERYWHERE! I will happily shout about this from the rooftops! If you are hesitent, dont it! I looked at this for a while before buying and wish i got it sooner

Christopher (Gravesend, GB)

It's actually really good. Our daughter hates having her hair washed and this stuff keeps her hair pattern amazingly well. You may be the only hair company in the UK that understands Afro textured hair.

S.I. (Huntingdon, GB)
So glad my sister finally shared her secret hair products!

This has made doing my toddlers hair so much easier and quicker!

Her hair feels a lot softer and healthier. She also loves the co wash as it doesn't bubble up like her current shampoo, so she is much happier washing her hair.

The detangling spray is a god send! Knots just untangle with ease and it smells nice! The comb makes life a lot easier, especially since she likes to brush her own hair.

I'm so glad, I finally find a product that works on her hair and also mine!

Bukola Iremiren (Leighton Buzzard, GB)

I’m so happy I found these products
My daughter’s hair is now so soft and also now hold moisture . So happy for the advice from Sal.
Root 2 tip is magic.

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273 reviews
Original Honey Rain Juice Detangler
Kimberley (Harlesden, GB)
This is essential for your hair care!

I usually wait to see the overall results before submitting a review. After using this product for over a year and previously trying other brands, I can say that it is the best by far. It detangles and provides moisture to my hair. I have seen the growth and retention since it was recommended. Certainly a must have!


No grease !! I tried the Quench Anti Breakage Cream my hair is super hydrated and soft. Definitely will buy again as this moisturises my hair superbly. Lovely product.

Simply the best!!!!

It's not very often that I'm impressed by someone. I saw Sal online talking about her hair products. Her passion for all things hair coupled with her inspiration from our Creator further impressed me. I tried the Grow It Long Scalp Serum and the Super Growth Root Energiser [which I've only used once]. I actually cannot believe the transformation my hair has achieved! I had lots and lots of hair loss and bald patches and the combination of these products has improved my hair so much, I'm shocked at the results!!! I have posted pictures here so you can see the results for yourself. The first [CURRENT] picture was taken on the 10th June 2021 and a second [BEFORE] picture was taken the 20th May 2021 , both on the same side of my head. Sal you are such an inspirational person with a beautiful spirit. I thank you for all you have done to improve our hair and all you continue to do for the Black Family.

The Back2School Afro-curly kids Moisture Kit
Bianca Collins (Bristol, GB)
Works wonders

I brought this for my 2 year old who has quite thick coily hair. The honey rain detangles his hair so quickly I can literally run my fingers through it. The heaven milk, is nice Silky and moisturising the sun light cream is great on the ends of his hair to lock everything in

TRIPLE M Miracle Moisture Milk
Bianca Collins (Bristol, GB)
Ever so moisturising

Absolutely love this! I brought this for my daughter but decided to use some in my hair the other day and I couldn’t believe how moisturising it was and the moisture last for a few days, my hair is usually quite dry. Will definitely purchase again