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Harvest hair growth pack
Alopecia and thinning hair oil, Harvest hair growth pack

Alopecia and thinning hair oil, Harvest hair growth pack

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Alopecia and thinning hair oil, the Harvest hair growth pack

Hair-loss, or simply slow hair growth, slow beard growth?  You need this!

Our best-selling Alopecia and thinning hair oil, harvest hair growth pack is designed especially for dry, itchy flaky scalps, slow hair-growth and thinning hair.

 Just like your car engine needing an MOT, sometimes we need to do the same with our scalps.  Your scalp is the engine for your hair growth. Kick start your hair growth with our fantastic kit.

You will get our 100% natural scalp and hair oils - the Grow-it-long Serum and The ROOT Energizer.

The Grow-it-long serum targets the flaky or dry scalp/dandruff issue and assists in thickening your hair.

The ROOT Energizer is a powerful Ayurvedic tonic that is designed to invigorate your scalp, increase the circulation of blood to the roots to encourage healthy hair growth. This super growth duo has been used for years by women to thicken their hair, and prevent alopecia!

Made with a blend of quality fruit and vegetable oils, and tingling and stimulating essential oils like rosemary and tea-tree.  The potent mix of Ayurvedic herbs gives this oil an extra special boost.


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  • Do I use these two oils together and if so how often and when at night, on clean scalp etc. I have alopecia, and small bald patch and slow dry hair growth. Do I shampoo hair afterwards, what shampoo do you recommend? Also my hair is relaxed. - Regards

    Hi Angie,

    The oils are used alternately at night is best. Massage for 4 mins each time, a few drops is all that is needed.

    Wash your hair 1 x a week when using them. Use for at least 90 days to see results.


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In love 🔥🔥
great product
My edges are coming back!
Natural goodness for my hair and scalp
Your hair is like a plant - this is the fertiliser it needs to grow!

Are you newly natural?

The owner of the unique Curly/Afro/Dry or Damaged hair?
A parent to a child with any of the above?
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262 reviews
Love this

Love this product! It’s a great detangling spray especially after washing my hair. Would recommend:-)

Protein it is

I bought the triple protein, not expecting much, a friend of mine recommended it and I'm glad I did.tge consistency is nice for application. I didn't feel like it over treated my hair. It was just right. And I really feel like I saw results with just one use, because of how my hair felt and acted, I will definitely be keeping this as a staple of mine now.

Less tears, more progress

My daughter has very thick, long and curly hair and the honey rain juice helps to make detangling, brushing and styling so much easier. I love that it’s natural ingredients too and smells nice. Thank you ☺️

Softer Hair

I've only been using kit for a few weeks, but I can feel the difference in terms of texture..,
my hair feels softer, but there's a long way to go. Ask me again in a months time and I'll
post another review.

So far so good.

My scalp always feels brand new

I came back to this oil (I wanted the other one as well but it was out of stock - obviously very popular, and for good reason!) Over the last 6 months, I’ve tried different ones from different brands but none has compared to this. This oil is definitely my go to. It works wonders on my scalp (I have a mild case of seborrheic dermatitis). Please, never discontinue this product!