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100% natural  Vegan afro hair balm for dry hair and styling curly afro hair.

100% Natural VEGAN Whipped Beauty Butter

£18.50 GBP

Seal the moisture into your hair in seconds with this luscious light Vegan Natural hair butter, whipped to perfection it will drench strands in nourishing strands in hydration! Suited for relaxed hair types and Natural hair.

Use after our applying our luxurious  Triple M Miracle Moisture Milk , Quench creme and definitely after our Honey-rain Juice, it's magical miracle formula seals in divine moisture for more than 72 hours!

Made from Organic Shea, Olive Oil, and Sweet essential oils! 100% Natural!

The favourite of beauty editors everywhere! 100% Natural and AMAZING at sealing in 72hr moisture in all hair types!

Great for relaxed hair types and natural curls too.

100% natural, using the key ingredients, Olive oil, Organic Shea, this unrivalled hair butter will give you your best TWIST-Out yet!

It’s best used with the Honey-rain juice, for perfect results every time.

If you like it hot, and blow-dry or use a flat-iron, then use this butter to keep your hair super-soft and protected from the heat!

If you love to wear your hair in twists, or you have locs, and you need a product to make your dry afro hair soft, have great hold and shine, then this is the vegan hair butter for you. Non-greasy the light whipped butter formula sinks into strands and reinforces elasticity and leaves a great shine.

It can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment on ends. Warm the butter up a little in your hands and smooth it down the lengths before stepping in the shower. It will prevent hair from getting stripped during the shampoo process and leave the tips smooth and soft post-wash.


Also recommended for use on the skin. So you can apply it to your knees, elbows and hands to banish any dryness. Works wonderfully at keeping skin super soft and hydrated with only a little product at a time. 

Our All-natural, 100% natural blend of Jojoba, Avocado, Olive oil and Organic shea whipped butter is amazing for dry afro hair textures, low porosity afro hair textures and curls of all shapes.

Vegan and skin and scalp friendly use this 100% natural whipped butter all over your skin, to lock in moisture and keep your skin happy and glowing. Our unique blend of castor and Organic shea with avocado oil is a super-blend of moisture for dry afro hair types.

Type 4 hair will love this butter when used with our Honey rain juice or Triple M Milk, the milk and butter combo is simply amazing at leaving dry afro hair feeling soft, bouncy and shiny.

Lock moisture into your lips and keep your dry afro hair happy!

The butter is used as a sealant, wet your hair first then apply a small amount of this super-light whipped vegan luscious natural butter from root to tip. Twist your hair or braid it, leave this to set your hair overnight, in the morning your dry afro hair is transformed into bouncy shiny curls. This is great to seal the moisture into your hair as part of your LCO or in this case LC Butter routine.

We refuse to put nasty chemicals into any of our products, we care for dry afro hair, we care for dry curly hair, we love to make your dry hair happy!

Low porosity hair can also use this butter too. Check out our Low Porosity hair rituals. On Low porosity hair, blow-dry the hair first, then add your butter to each section, twist or braid. The heat from the blow-dryer will raise the cuticle to let the butter in!😊

Here are 3 ways to use our whipped vegan natural hair butter:


Use it as part of your 3 step moisture routine, so in the LCO routine, leave out the O (oil) and in place use the butter! Be amazed as your hair has volume, shine and bounce. No one will ever say you have dry afro hair with this hair hero!


Use the butter to moisturise your chapped lips before you apply your gloss or lipstick- thank-us later!


Apply this butter to a freshly washed face at night, use this natural whipped butter to do a slugging ritual on your face, to plump up your skin as you sleep at night! In the morning your face will feel as plump and dewy as a peach!

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter), fruit (Organic), Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, Olea europaea (olive) oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (AvocadoOil. Lavandula angustifolia, Citrus Aurantium var, Amara, Citrus Sinensis.


Ask a Question
  • I have dry scaly skin, can I use this?

    Yes, our butter is fantastic on dry skin, it will make the skin supple and glisten.

  • I blow-dry my hair can I use this?

    Yes, use after your heat protectant is applied, the butter will prevent the hair from getting dry, it adds softeness, shine and volume.

  • I have type 4 afro hair, is this good for me?

    Yes, our butter is amazing when used on afro hair, it smoothes down the ciuticles, adds shine and plums up the strands. It protects elasticity.

  • I have naturally fine hair will this work?

    You can apply a small amount of butter to fine hair, it will provide a protective shield around the strands.

  • I have breakage at the crown, will this help?

    Yes, the hair at the crown is often very dry and prone to breakage, the Butter will seal in moisture, use after our quench or milk.

  • Will this shrink my hair?

    No, the butter is water free, it will not shrink your hair.

  • I wear wigs, can I use this?

    Yes, use the Butter on your hair before you braid or cornrow it for the wig application.

  • I do the LCB routine will this work?

    Yes, use the Butter as the last step in the routine, so apply your leave-in, Quench and finally our Butter.

  • I have bleached hair will this work for me?

    Yes, the Butter will eliminate dryness from bleached hair as it seals moisture in.

  • My hair is coloured is it safe to use?

    Yes, perfectly safe.

  • Will I need to use this daily?

    No, the butter gives 48 hour moisture, use as needed.

  • I have dry hair is this good?

    Yes use the butter after your leave in to seal all the moisture into the hair.

  • I do braid out, how can I use this?

    For a braid out, use this butter before braiding to hold and define your style.

  • I wear a twist out, can I use this?

    Yes the butter is the perfect product to define your twist out, it will add weight, plump up the hair and add shine.

  • I like a slick bun will this help?

    Yes, use this as the final step when smoothing hair down, follow up with a headscarf to set the style.

  • Can I use this to slick my edges down?

    The butter will not work as a gel, however smooth it into eges and apply a head scarf for natural hold.

  • What is this product used for?

    Our butter is 100% natural, it is used to seal the hair, protect it from the elements and add shine.You can also use it to set twists or a braid out. It can also be used on dry skin!

  • Would like to order 'natural & whipped' beauty butter. Can you let know when it will be available? Many Thanks

    Hi there,

    Sorry we never got back to you! 
    It is back again on Friday.

    Use discount code winner2020


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Whipped Butter

I've struggled for the longest with my extra dry tightly coiled 4c hair. This butter became soulmates with my hair instantly!!! There's a major difference from 1st use and I'm not a homewrecker so this union shall continue...Soft, fluffy hair with bounce! I'm amazed by it all...Thank you.

Natural whipped vegan beauty butter

Your products were highly recommended by my cousin. I purchased this during the first lockdown & I’m very happy with the results I have quite thick dry hair and this product along with the Quench anti breakage cream works wonders as my hair absolutely laps up moisture. I’ve just ordered my second kit thank you Sal for your wonderful products.

I like it

Organic good nourishing product, recommend it. I’ll buy again.

The best products!

The effectiveness of these products (Miracle M and Twist pudding on my child’s mixed 2c hair cannot be praised enough!!! He is constantly getting compliments and people think that he goes to a hair salon and has a professional hair dresser. For my 4C hair, I need an even lighter more penetrating cream. But I’m happy to gave a solution for my son. Order ahead of time because delivery takes a few days outside of the UK.

Good thirst quenching stuff!!

My daughter has always struggled to find something that would moisturise her natural curly hair, and I my dry type 4C hair. This keeps my hair silky and moisturised! I plait my hair and in days my hair is still moisturised and soft and my daughters curls are bouncy and full of life!
Just started using the anti breakage cream and that’s also looking like a winner.....? Review in around 4 weeks to see how that works but if this cream is anything to go by, it’ll be another 4* review!!

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262 reviews
Love this

Love this product! It’s a great detangling spray especially after washing my hair. Would recommend:-)

Protein it is

I bought the triple protein, not expecting much, a friend of mine recommended it and I'm glad I did.tge consistency is nice for application. I didn't feel like it over treated my hair. It was just right. And I really feel like I saw results with just one use, because of how my hair felt and acted, I will definitely be keeping this as a staple of mine now.

Less tears, more progress

My daughter has very thick, long and curly hair and the honey rain juice helps to make detangling, brushing and styling so much easier. I love that it’s natural ingredients too and smells nice. Thank you ☺️

Softer Hair

I've only been using kit for a few weeks, but I can feel the difference in terms of texture..,
my hair feels softer, but there's a long way to go. Ask me again in a months time and I'll
post another review.

So far so good.

My scalp always feels brand new

I came back to this oil (I wanted the other one as well but it was out of stock - obviously very popular, and for good reason!) Over the last 6 months, I’ve tried different ones from different brands but none has compared to this. This oil is definitely my go to. It works wonders on my scalp (I have a mild case of seborrheic dermatitis). Please, never discontinue this product!