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Subscribe and Save 50% Off - WASH & Grow Kit™️ For Afro hair + Curls

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Your recurring subscription is specifically for our globally renowned Honey Rain Juice Refill Pouch ONLY, which has earned the distinction of being our best-selling customer favorite worldwide.

Following a brief processing period of 72 hours, this subscription will reflect on your account accordingly. You can anticipate receiving your refill pouch every 45 days as per your subscription schedule.

We value your flexibility and convenience. You have the freedom to adjust or cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring that you're always in control.

Additionally, you will enjoy a 15% discount throughout your subscription journey. This means that instead of the standard £24 price, you'll pay only £20.40 per pouch, ensuring both quality and affordability. 

Each refill pouch contains the equivalent of 2.5 bottles of our eco-friendly Honey Rain Juice, which retails at £16.90 per bottle. With your subscription, you're not only making a huge saving on the individual bottle cost but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

WASH & Grow Kit™️ For Afro hair + Curls

Say👋 to Super Healthy Hair!🤎 Our WASH & Grow Kit™️ offers a science-led approach to reset your hair health, helping you to transform your hairstory™️.

Ready for a Haircare RESET? 😀 Suitable for Beards* too! It comes with 5 natural Scalp1st™️ products created by Salem, our cosmetic scientist, designed to beautify and strengthen your hair from the very first application. With regular usage, the kit reduces flaking and itching, stimulating growth at the root level.  In addition, hair is free from dryness and feels lush and full.

Results start immediately and become even better with each use – designed to work wonders on afro hair + curls.🌀

The WASH & Grow Kit™️ takes you from washday to styling in just 5 steps. It's the ideal solution for those looking for healthier, longer hair or an end to breakage. So, don't hesitate – take the plunge and transform your hair today.🚀 


Keep your hair journey simple with our Wash + gro system. Designed to cleanse the scalp and hair, then add the hydration and nourishment your hair needs to stay alive. Scientifically your hair is dead, the root, only is alive. This system, revives dry, damaged hair and beards and leaves them fully rejuvenated. By using a simple system, your hair will deliver guaranteed results.


Organic Shea, Red Palm fruit, Rosemary, Aloe


Suited to All hair types, type 2-4. Low porosity hair, dry and damaged.


Stat by resetting your hair by washing itwith our shampoo and follow up with 30 minute deep treatment, using the Cowash. Once hair is blotted dry, it is ready for the moisture. 1 Spray honey rain juice onto the hair in sections, gently detangle and massage well into strands. Apply the Quench cream from Root2tip, massage well into strands. Finally apply the Grow-it-long serum to your scalp and massage well. Repeat steps as needed daily.


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