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Gift Pack - Starter Kit - Travel Pack

Gift Pack - Starter Kit - Travel Pack

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This holiday season, gift your loved ones the joy of healthy hair and the opportunity to transform their hair story.

Introducing the perfect gift set, starter kit, or travel companion - our carefully curated selection of best selling hair essentials designed to nourish and revitalize your locks. With this meticulously crafted starter pack, enjoy the ultimate self-care experience wherever you go.

Stimulate and Cleanse SLS Free Hair Shampoo: Our moisture-balanced, plant-powered shampoo is uniquely crafted for dry, frizzy, and curly hair types. Mild enough for daily use, it blends aloe, ginger, and plant proteins to cleanse the scalp without stripping your hair. With a low pH that leaves your hair feeling soft and clean, use it alongside our conditioners for optimal results.

Comb-out Cowash Conditioner: Our mild co-wash conditioner offers daily or deep treatment use, even doubling as a leave-in cream for a pampering experience. The light formula quickly penetrates strands, providing moisture and slip for effortless detangling. Formulated with extra-virgin olive oil and nourishing organic shea butter, it rapidly hydrates dry curls and afro hair, leaving them dramatically softened from the very first application.

Original Honey Rain Juice - Afro Curly Hair Detangler and Daily Leave-in Spray: A customer favorite for over a decade, our Honey Rain Juice is the ultimate detangler and leave-in conditioner for dry, frizz-prone hair. With just a few sprays of this high-performance eco formula, watch tangles and knots disappear. Use it daily on locs and natural hair to rejuvenate and renew the hair fiber, experiencing instant hydration without any product buildup.

Afro Hair Vegan Moisturizing Crème - Quench Anti-Breakage Crème: Indulge your dehydrated hair with our rich and creamy Quench, specially formulated for textures prone to single-strand knots and split ends. This vegan moisturizing cream nourishes afro and curly hair, improving elasticity and reducing the risk of breakage. Experience the transformative power of Quench, leaving your hair healthy, hydrated, and bouncy with every use.

 💚 At Root2Tip, we're on a mission to #CHANGEAHAIRSTORYS by offering clean, sustainable, and science-led products. Our natural and toxic-free formulations cater to all textured hair types, so you can enjoy the hair you deserve while keeping the environment in mind. 

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