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Just Grow It - Hair Growth Kit For (Type 4 hair, natural curls and dry low growing hair)

Just Grow It - Hair Growth Kit For (Type 4 hair, natural curls and dry low growing hair)

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The Just Grow it Kit, is a great buy for those wanting to  follow a simple haircare regime that will deliver the following:

  • Excellent for TYPE 4 hair growth
  • Excellent for LOCS
  • Eliminate dry hair
  • Eliminate a dry scalp

BIG SAVINGS with the Just Grow It Hair Kit!

If you are suffering from dry hair that simply will not retain moisture no matter what you use. We have a water-tight solution that will plump up and revitalise your strands.

Our unique products deliver hydration and a level of moisture that is not greasy but will give your hair the chance to grow. 

Maximum moisture:

Afro type 4 hair textures, curly hair textures and brittle dry hair is fragile and susceptible to breakage. If you can stop your hair from feeling dry and keep the tips of the hair healthy you will see longer hair. 

 Our solution:

The combination of our miracle Honey rain juice detangler + Natural hair Butter will deliver an enriching barrier of moisture that will protect, seal and hydrate your hair for more than 96 hours. 

The LCB Method (liquid +cream +butter ) is achievable with the above 2 products it also curly girl method friendly. LOC friendly too.

In order to extend the hair growth cycle the scalp needs regular stimulation and nourishment too. 

This magical cocktail is unrivalled and especially good for type 4 afro hair.

The honey rain juice, is a light conditioning spray that will soften the hair whilst keeping It detangled and easy to manipulate without breakage.

Our natural hair Butter is 100% natural in ingredients it's a blend of castor, olive oil, Avocado and Organic Shea. The formula is lightly whipped to increase absorption into your strands.  

This hair kit combines our best selling hair growth pack:

  • Grow-it-long Scalp Hydration Serum. The best-seller for a dry itching scalp (and great for thickening hair at the root),  enjoy the tingle on your scalp as this non-greasy oil eliminates dryness and itching.
  • The ROOT Energizer Scalp Oil. 100% NATURAL... Invigorate, energise, stimulate, nourish and grow. Known as our MOT for your scalp, this powerful bottle of root energising scalp oil is based on Ayurvedic Hair Growth extracts, Amla, Brahmi and Murraya Koenigii, known for their, thickening, stimulating and nourishing properties.
  • Nourish, Hydrate and Shine Me Hair Butter. If you love to wear your hair in twists, or you have locs, and you need a product to make your hair soft, have great hold and shine, then this is the hair butter for you.
  • Original Honey Rain Hair Juice. The award nominated ultimate detangler for frizzy hair of any texture. You will be amazed as your tangled hair knots slip out with a few sprays of this amazing formula. Perfect for hydrating strands daily as it will not build up in the hair but instead leaves a soft after feel.

Healthy hair and growth starts at the ROOT with Root2Tip.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hadia D. (La Bouverie, BE)
Nice natural products

Reallly Nice natural produits that keep my hair softener and moisturise. The products are not heavy. I recommand

Mel O. (Hounslow, GB)
Love this kit

Love all these products especially the Natural & whipped BB smells lovely and love the consistency makes my hair really soft. :-)

Angel (Islington, GB)
Just Grow It - Hair Growth Kit

Recieved the products but unfortuntely it was the wrong Kit. However, Sal responded to my email within 24 hours and will send the missing items. Have used R2T before which my hair loves!! Have rated 4 stars only because of the missing items but the product is GREAT!!