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Teach Your Child To Love Their Hair!

Black family

Haircare is a lifelong learning lesson. Therefore, as a parent, it's important to make sure your kid learns to love and embrace their hair as early as possible. Here are some tips on how to make haircare fun for your kids! 

Peckham palms atrium

  1. Attend Natural Hair Events- Increasingly there are more events celebrating natural hair. This Sunday 15th September, Peckham Palms will be celebrating World Afro Day! There will be workshops, catwalks and all things Afro there! A great opportunity for your child to see and meet many who look like them and embracing their natural tresses. As cliche as it may sound, representation matters!

Child smile

2. Watch YouTube Tutorials with them - Show them that afro/curly hair textures are so versatile and there's a range of styles they can do! We have a few on our channel, and YouTube is pretty good at recommending videos based on similar topics. There's been a viral phenomenon recently of black father's doing their daughter's hair- firmly breaking the stereotype! (Check out the clip at the bottom of this post). 

Mother speaking positively to child

3. Positive Affirmations - Speak Positive Affirmations over them, letting them know their hair is their crown. Even if the mainstream society standard of beauty is euro-centric, afro/curly hair types are just as beautiful as any other hair type. Remind them of the uniqueness of their individual hair texture. 

4. Role model- Set an example yourself by caring for your own hair. From setting a routine and caring for your own hair, it will become normal for your child to see and can encourage them to put it into practice and style and care for their own hair as they grow older. Haircare can be a great way to bond and share tips, as your child grows and discovers new things for themselves.

Here's a video of some father's learning to do their daughter's hair:


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